2016-06-29 09.57.52Coweta Free has reason to smile. She has come a long way since arriving at the Goodwill Family Center a few days before Christmas 2014. Coweta has endured health issues, abandonment by family members and homelessness. Health issues prevented her from working and eventually led to the loss of her job. As things began to spiral downward, Coweta’s self confidence slowly began to disappear. She felt she had nowhere to go and no one to turn to. With the help of the Goodwill Family Center, a transitional housing facility for the homeless, Coweta was given a place to live and introduced to the vocational services offered at Goodwill. Through our work solutions program she attained employment and after a year at the Center she moved into permanent housing. She was able to access health services in the community and became stronger, both physically and mentally. Coweta shared that each person along the way helped her to restore her confidence and this led her to where she is today. Coweta works two jobs, has her own place to call home, and has restored many relationships with family members. With the help of her friends at Goodwill, Coweta can now smile and celebrate her success! She recently shared that her children are proud of her ! 🙂