Evansville Goodwill would like to highlight 2 individuals this month referred to us through Vocational Rehabilitation Services. (James & Shauna)


Meet James:

In September of 2016, James began working with Goodwill Industries through Vocational Rehabilitation Services. He was seeking part-time employment after moving here from Spencer County to care for his mother. James exerted an extensive work history in the  manufacturing/production sector; however, due to newly discovered health concerns he needed to find employment in a safe and clean environment. Work solutions began exploring different types of careers, completing aptitude tests and interest inventories that would help James transition into something different than his past labor jobs.

In November, James toured the Goodwill donation plant on Green River Road in Evansville and expressed interest. In previous work positions, he had cross trained to complete different positions and Goodwill offered a position that fit his needs. James completed the application and interview process and was offered a job as a 2nd shift Floater. He has been employed with Goodwill since December of 2016. James has been an asset, a leader and an inspiration to other Goodwill consumers and employees!  Congrats James!


Meet Shauna:

Shauna began working with Goodwill Industries job placement program through Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Shauna had accepted a job at Walmart and was referred to Goodwill to receive employment support and retention services. Goodwill worked with Shauna to help her become independent on the job and to work through some focusing barriers. She was able to find solutions to her problems with the help of Goodwill and to find answers in understanding how to use her medical insurance to find a doctor that was able to prescribe proper medications.

Shauna is a single mother of a 1 year old little boy, and her goals are to make her son’s life as wonderful as possible. She is looking forward to saving money to purchase her own vehicle and to eventually have her own apartment. She is working hard on her coping skills in order to deal with difficult situations in her job and personal life. Shauna’s employer, Walmart, shared that she is doing a great job and is an asset to their team and to their company!  Congrats Shauna!