A letter from SCSEP participant, Maria Prince, about her experience as a SCSEP participant. 

I, Maria Prince, have been retired from the medical field in Washington, D.C. for 21 years, not counting my service time with the military. It all began from high school. During my junior and senior years, I had the opportunity to work in the hospital after school. I began to love medicine so well that I decided to join the military to help pay for my education. After the military, I went on to nursing school to pursue my career. I have worked in many areas ending in pediatrics of which I did for 21 years. I loved it very much.

Since then, I retired in 2006, so already I’ve been retired almost 12 years as of March 2019. I had had the pleasure of joining the Senior Employment Program through Goodwill in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. I really appreciate my SCSEP Employment Specialist and the opportunity she has given me to restart learning the workforce as it is today. I have obtained computer knowledge more, how to create spreadsheets, calendars, working with the Warm Neighbors Cool Friend Program, Meals on Wheels Program, and the Farmers Market Program.

I enjoy working alongside my co-workers, volunteers, and most of all, my supervisors. It gives me great pleasure to acknowledge my many thanks for helping me to become wiser while learning critical thinking in certain situations. So, thank you very much Evansville Goodwill Industries.