Goodwill Date Night Scavenger Hunt

Goodwill Date Night Scavenger Hunt

Spice up your Valentine’s Date Night with a Goodwill Scavenger hunt just like Julia Marchand from Little Roost did. Here is how she enjoyed the holiday of romance with her significant other.

A few years ago, my other half and I celebrated Valentine’s Day with a #GoodwillDateNight! It was so fun for us to pick outfits for one another and find inexpensive, surprising activities for us to do after we shopped. This year, we thought we’d try another Goodwill date, but shake it up by adding a scavenger hunt! So, I whipped up a quick list of things for us to look for (download the checklist here!) and we headed out to our local Goodwill.

When you shop at one of the more than 3,300 Goodwill stores, you help Goodwill create employment placement and job training programs as well as other community-based services, so we’d love for you and your partner to give our scavenger hunt a try this Valentine’s Day, too! But, before you step into the store, make a plan with your honey about the rules, time limit, and prize for the winner. That way, as soon as you get inside, you can jump right into the game! A few things to consider:



How long do you two want to hunt around for? The longer you’re there, of course, the more likely it is you’ll both find everything on the list. Plus, you won’t feel rushed to focus on the list and you can do a bit of browsing, too. But at the same time, some people do well under pressure and if you have plans for dinner or a movie after your scavenger hunt, then you’ll need to keep that in mind. Whatever you decide, make sure you’re both on the same page and that you set timers if necessary!

goodwill scavenger hunt


Are you a viciously competitive team? If so, maybe make sure you’re not being spied on! Should one person start at the back of the store and work their way forward while the other starts on the right and works their way left to minimize the chances of running into each other? Or, do you welcome the idea of bumping into one another? You are doing this to spend time together, after all. And how will you keep track of the items you’ve found—is it just enough to check them off of your lists or do you require photographic evidence?

We know how hard our Goodwill associates work hard to keep stores tidy, so we wanted to make sure we weren’t putting everything on our checklists into a cart for them to have to put back. (Although, if we did find something we loved, then obviously it would be a fun memory of our Goodwill date and have a welcomed place in our home.) So we decided to text each other a photo of each item on the list as we found them. It was kind of exciting to see the progress the other person was making. Sort of like the feeling of watching a sports game and seeing the other team score—makes you want to up your game, right? And we decided that the first person to find an item gets the point for it. I can’t just walk over to something he’s already counted and use that, too. I’ve got to find something different for my list. Tricky!

Another thing to decide ahead of time; if you find an item that actually meets two of the conditions on the list, does that one thing qualify for both or do you have to find a different item for everything on the list? It’s up to you!

Now, what determines the winner? Is it the first person to find everything on the list? The person with the most items checked when your time limit is up? And what happens if there’s a tie? All are important things which you can discuss and decide upon on your way over to your local Goodwill.

goodwill scavenger hunt


You could go a few different ways with a prize for the winner. One of the items on the list is to find a clothing piece for your Valentine. If you’re going by the traditional idea of a Goodwill Date Night (where you choose a statement outfit—sometimes they can be pretty wild—for your partner to wear on the rest of the date), the reward for the winner might play into that. But you could also say that the loser buys dinner or the winner picks what movie you see that night. Whatever works for you! Just make sure you decide beforehand so you know what’s at stake.

goodwill scavenger hunt


Okay, ready to check in and see how we did? We printed off our checklists, swung by our favorite coffee shop for game fuel, and headed out to Goodwill. I found almost everything on the list (and even a few things that weren’t!). Here’s how mine came out. (items in bold are the ones I found)


  • Something heart shaped
  • A pink candle or candlestick
  • Red roses
  • A Valentine’s Date clothing item for your partner to wear
  • A movie with “Love” in the title
  • A romance novel
  • A product or item designed specifically for a wedding
  • A vinyl record made with crooner-style songs
  • A red dress
  • A red necktie
  • A flower vase
  • Something with the word “Valentine” on it
  • A picture frame with a photo/painting of a couple in it
  • A piece of diamond jewelry (faux is okay)
  • A chocolate or candy tin
  • A china set suitable for newlyweds
  • Cupid’s arrow
  • A board game that only works with two people (Examples: Battleship, Guess Who?)
  • Something that says “Dear,” “Darling,” or another term of endearment
  • Two matching champagne flutes or wine glasses
goodwill scavenger hunt

I can’t decide on my favorite find of the date. It was either this heart-shaped baking pan or the adorable cream and sugar containers on the shelf behind it (even though they’re not Valentine’s Day related, they may or may not have ended up in my cart…). I also have to admit that I cheated a little when I texted the dress below to my husband and just mentioned how well it would work as a Valentine’s Date clothing item for me to wear—ha! I mean, it does have little hearts on the label and the faux-leather detailing coupled with the silky bodice is just perfect! It also has a statement zipper in the back which is pretty much my style weakness. I didn’t mind helping his chances of winning if it meant that maybe I’d get to take the dress home!

goodwill scavenger hunt

All in all, it was a really fun and different way to spend time together for Valentine’s Day. As adults, we rush around between work and our other life responsibilities without much time to play games. It was a nice return to our dating years for us to just set some time aside for the scavenger hunt. I’d rate the date: 10/10 would play again! I hope that whatever you do to celebrate the your loved one this Valentine’s Day, you have just as much fun.

Maria Prince

A letter from SCSEP participant, Maria Prince, about her experience as a SCSEP participant. 

I, Maria Prince, have been retired from the medical field in Washington, D.C. for 21 years, not counting my service time with the military. It all began from high school. During my junior and senior years, I had the opportunity to work in the hospital after school. I began to love medicine so well that I decided to join the military to help pay for my education. After the military, I went on to nursing school to pursue my career. I have worked in many areas ending in pediatrics of which I did for 21 years. I loved it very much.

Since then, I retired in 2006, so already I’ve been retired almost 12 years as of March 2019. I had had the pleasure of joining the Senior Employment Program through Goodwill in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. I really appreciate my SCSEP Employment Specialist and the opportunity she has given me to restart learning the workforce as it is today. I have obtained computer knowledge more, how to create spreadsheets, calendars, working with the Warm Neighbors Cool Friend Program, Meals on Wheels Program, and the Farmers Market Program.

I enjoy working alongside my co-workers, volunteers, and most of all, my supervisors. It gives me great pleasure to acknowledge my many thanks for helping me to become wiser while learning critical thinking in certain situations. So, thank you very much Evansville Goodwill Industries.

Katherine Gallo

Our SCSEP program is changing lives. Read about Katherine Gallo’s testimonial about her experience with SCSEP.

The SCSEP program has changed my life by placing me in an employment situation where I have learned the following skills:

  • Computer programs
  • Organization
  • How to operate office machines
  • Communication skills
  • Professionalism

The program has given me confidence in myself and in my work skills. I will forever be grateful for this amazing opportunity.

March is Disability Awareness Month!

Evansville Goodwill would like to highlight 2 individuals this month referred to us through Vocational Rehabilitation Services. (James & Shauna)


Meet James:

In September of 2016, James began working with Goodwill Industries through Vocational Rehabilitation Services. He was seeking part-time employment after moving here from Spencer County to care for his mother. James exerted an extensive work history in the  manufacturing/production sector; however, due to newly discovered health concerns he needed to find employment in a safe and clean environment. Work solutions began exploring different types of careers, completing aptitude tests and interest inventories that would help James transition into something different than his past labor jobs.

In November, James toured the Goodwill donation plant on Green River Road in Evansville and expressed interest. In previous work positions, he had cross trained to complete different positions and Goodwill offered a position that fit his needs. James completed the application and interview process and was offered a job as a 2nd shift Floater. He has been employed with Goodwill since December of 2016. James has been an asset, a leader and an inspiration to other Goodwill consumers and employees!  Congrats James!


Meet Shauna:

Shauna began working with Goodwill Industries job placement program through Vocational Rehabilitation Services. Shauna had accepted a job at Walmart and was referred to Goodwill to receive employment support and retention services. Goodwill worked with Shauna to help her become independent on the job and to work through some focusing barriers. She was able to find solutions to her problems with the help of Goodwill and to find answers in understanding how to use her medical insurance to find a doctor that was able to prescribe proper medications.

Shauna is a single mother of a 1 year old little boy, and her goals are to make her son’s life as wonderful as possible. She is looking forward to saving money to purchase her own vehicle and to eventually have her own apartment. She is working hard on her coping skills in order to deal with difficult situations in her job and personal life. Shauna’s employer, Walmart, shared that she is doing a great job and is an asset to their team and to their company!  Congrats Shauna!



Thank you!

Thank you Evansville for your participation in the 27th Annual Fifth Third  Bank Turkey Day 5K which benefits the Goodwill Family Center!  This was our biggest race ever with over 2,500 participants ranging in every age category from 1 to 80 plus. We were blessed with great November weather and there was a sea of orange t-shirts everywhere. We saw a big increase in the number of families that are making the Turkey Day 5K a Thanksgiving tradition. We would love any feedback to improve our race and to help us break into the 3,000 participant range for next year. We know together with our Fifth Third Bank partnership we can raise the roof and keep finding ways to help our homeless families in Evansville. Thank you for making the Turkey Day 5K a success!