Mission Contribution: To ensure efficient and effective operations resulting in increased profit, job creation and mission fulfillment.

Organizational Design:  As a full time salaried exempt staff member reporting to the Senior Director, Retail Operations, the Director of Operations is a member of the retail operations team working in concert with senior and director level peers for the good of the organization.  Has authority and responsibility for assigned processing operations, material collections, after-market, and transportation.  Utilize data/metrics and supply chain process improvements to achieve market maximization in support of Goodwill’s mission.

Staff Supervised:  Operations Supervisor, Operations Assistant Supervisor, Operations Leads, and Operations employees, Transportation Supervisor, Transportation Assistant Supervisor, Transportation Leads, Transportation Drivers, and Transportation Helpers. 

Essential Functions:  

  1. Lead, manage, and supervise assigned donated goods production center, collections, after-market, and transportation logistics in coordination with retail team members and marketing and synchronize activities of each to assure achievement of short and long-term goals.
  2. Focus on, utilize, and educate/train operations staff on metrics and supply chain process improvements for long term organizational growth.
  3. Develop and implement standardized operations, collections, aftermarket, and transportation training manuals for all team members within purview.
  4. Audit, direct, assist, and instruct staff as to their methods, procedures and standards of performance.
  5. Collect data, analyze trends, plan, direct and coordinate operations to optimize retail revenue and achieve market growth.
  6. Conduct ongoing sales and productivity analysis and initiate appropriate action necessary to achieve strategic and financial goals.
  7. Apply agency policies as set by the Board of Directors and directed by the President and assure implementation of standard operating procedures and CARF standards.
  8. Develop and implement operational standards and procedures and evaluate results.
  9. Lead and inspire a culture of high performance and continuous improvement that values staff development and training, communication and a commitment to excellence to meet current and future leadership requirements.  
  10. In conjunction with executive leadership, proactively monitor budgets and cost management for operations in alignment with Goodwill’s operational needs and strategic plan.
  11. Develop annual and long-term strategic objectives and budgets in coordination with the executive team and retail operations staff which demonstrate continued operational improvement and retail sales optimization.
  12. Work with assigned staff to support donation drives and other operations related events, advertising and community outreach.
  13. Ensure mission integration by maximizing employment and training opportunities for people with barriers to employment within retail operations.
  14. Promote and ensure a clean, safe, and healthy work environment in all facilities by enforcing all safety practices and regulations. 
  15. Serve as a member of the Safety Committee and review all incident reports generated by retail stores and forward to appropriate staff in accordance with agency policy.  Utilize incident reports and customer complaints as teachable moments and implement corrective actions.
  16. In coordination with HR, oversee the development and training, disciplining, and termination, when necessary, of employees within purview.  
  17. Provide orientation and training to new staff under his/her authority and coordinate in-service training with HR for current staff.
  18. Utilize Brainshark to develop and deliver meaningful training and leadership development opportunities to all employees.
  19. Develop, maintain, and verify meaningful management reports.
  20. Coordinate the activities of assigned staff with those of other departments to ensure effective communication and cooperation.
  21. Supervise staff and offer Performance Evaluations at least annually.  Make appropriate recommendations regarding personnel and wage changes to the Senior Director, Retail Operations.
  22. Ability to work effectively around occupational allergens, both air and contact, including but not limited to: dust, animal hair and dander, perfumes, and mold. 


  1. Provide presentations for civic and business organizations and perform related public relations duties.
  2. Perform other related duties as assigned.


  1. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in business or related field preferred.  
  2. Five plus years of management experience, preferably as a multi-unit manager, with experience in supervision, supply chain process improvement, logistics, and inventory control.  
  3. Possess a blend of technical expertise, business acumen, and leadership skills that promote a culture of excellent service, high integrity, and honorable conduct.
  4. Strong skills in budgeting, financial and other data analysis, reporting, and utilizing data to inform decision making and achievement of strategic goals.
  5. Ability to relate tactfully with all levels of personnel and temperaments, as well as with the general public, and to understand the needs and problems of people with disabilities and other barriers to employment.
  6. Effective written and verbal communication skills.
  7. Ability to work a flexible schedule including evenings and weekends and travel on company business including occasional overnights.
  8. Ability to make civic, social, and business contacts.
  9. Computer proficiency including keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, data bases, point of sale, and internet. 
  10. Ability to handle and maintain confidential information.
  11. Ability to promote a safe and healthy work environment.
  12. Possess a positive attitude and demonstrate emotional intelligence. 
  13. Demonstrate loyalty to the agency and its policies.
  14. Ability to sit, stand, travel, lift and carry up to 20 lbs. 
  15. Reliable transportation, valid driver’s license, current insurance and clean driving record.
  16. Provide police background report.
  17. Submit to pre-employment and random drug screens.

To apply for this job please visit evvgoodwill.org.