Southeastern Region Application

The Mission of Evansville Goodwill Industries, Inc., a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is to
provide quality vocational and developmental opportunities to people who are disabled and/or
disadvantaged in order to enhance their ability to achieve full participation in society.

It is the employer's policy that equal employment opportunities be available to all employees and applicants without
regard to race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, color, religion, national origin, participation in military service,
disability, genetic information or any other legally protected status.

Personal Information

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Applicants will be required to verify employment eligibility as required by law, including completion of an I-9 form
Other special training, skills or licenses (languages, machine operation, etc.)


High School

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Name and Location:(1)*
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Years Completed:(1)*

Graduate School

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Course of Study:(2)
Years Completed:(2)

Other (Vocational, Technical, etc.)

Name and Location:(3)
Course of Study:(3)
Years Completed:(3)


Note: A conviction does not automatically mean that you will not be selected. What you were convicted of, and how long ago you were convicted, are important. Please give all the facts so that an informed decision can be made. If you are applying in Illinois, do not complete the convictions section.

Have you been arrested for or convicted of a crime that has not been expunged or sealed by a court, other than minor traffic violations? (Please include any arrests subject to plea bargaining or diversion programs which have not been expunged or sealed by a court).*
If yes, please explain:


(Please give accurate, complete full-time and part-time employment record. Start with your present or most recent employment.)

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Company Name:(1)
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Weekly Pay (Start and Last):(2)
Name of Supervisor:(1)
State Job Title and Describe Work:(1)
Reason for Leaving:(1)

Company Name:(2)
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Name of Supervisor:(2)
State Job Title and Describe Work:(2)
Reason for Leaving:(2)

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State Job Title and Describe Work:(3)
Reason for Leaving:(3)

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