With the funds generated through sales of donated clothing and other goods, Evansville Goodwill Industries Inc. is able to offer two different programs to area residents. To learn more about these programs, please click on one of the links below.


We provide placement services to people with disabilities who are referred by Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Counselors in Indiana and in Kentucky. If you have a disability and you are not already working with VR, call us today and we will introduce you to the VR office nearest you. Once you apply for VR services, and are found eligible, you can request a referral to Goodwill for services.

  • Use assessment tools to figure out your career interests and aptitudes.
  • Identify your vocational goals and develop an individual employment plan to make your job search easier and more successful.
  • Spend less time looking for a job
  • Reduce your stress level when you are looking for a job.
  • Develop a resume and help you to learn the secrets of successful job interviews.
  • Meet employers who are interested in interviewing you.
  • Provide you with the follow-along services you need to keep your dream job once you find it.


“With Goodwill Placement Services’ help, Craigory has found a job he loves. He’s made many new friends and his supervisor feels that he is a great addition to their team. He even has aspirations to move up in the company!”

Our business is changing lives….


The Goodwill Family Center Transitional Housing program helps people who are homeless get back on their feet. Basic needs including employment assistance and child care, are provided so residents can concentrate on overcoming the things that made them homeless in the first place.

The Goodwill Family Center provides services not found in other homeless shelters in the community such as on-site child care and comprehensive vocational services provided through the Goodwill WORK Solutions program. Other program components include intensive case management, shelter, food, educational programming, transportation assistance, and information and referral services.

A family that takes full advantage of the time and services available at the Goodwill Family Center will make permanent changes in their lives. Our program teaches people how to successfully manage their money and home and develop key work skills needed to keep a job. People who successfully complete our program will have the necessary skills to break the cycles of poverty, unemployment, and homelessness, thus strengthening their family for the future.

For more information:

Bryan Baker
Goodwill Family Center
(812) 424-4663

“The mission of the Goodwill Family Center is to provide transitional housing opportunities and supportive services to meet the identified needs of homeless individuals and families, particularly those with children, within a fair, respectful, compassionate and professional environment, leading to economic self-sufficiency and an independent lifestyle.”

Major funding for this project is provided by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, the United Way of Southwestern Indiana, the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, ESG funds through the City of Evansville Department of Metropolitan Development, the Indiana Department of Education, Evansville Goodwill Industries Inc. and other community organizations and benefactors.